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There are fewer things more pleasurable than listening to an enjoyable podcast covering a sport or topic you know and love. Thousands of podcasts exist on the internet that cover a wide variety of topics. With so many options for podcasts to find, there were bound to be a few that covered everything and anything basketball. Here are a few of those podcasts.


The Jump


The Jump, hosted by Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan, Paul Pierce, and Kendrick Perkins, is essentially a continuation of the ESPN network’s coverage of the NBA. What makes this podcast extremely informative and engaging is the fact that former NBA players themselves are at the center of these discussions, giving fans and enthusiasts more insight than most.


The Lowe Post


Another good podcast is The Lowe Post, hosted by ESPN analyst Zach Lowe. His guests usually include reporters as well as players. Lowe is adept at communicating the various aspects of basketball in a manner that doesn’t cause a casual fan to scratch their head.


All the Smoke


For those that are looking for more basketball podcasts hosted by players, All the Smoke is a very good option. This podcast is hosted by former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, both known for the fact that they were hard-nosed players that achieved championship glory. They did this in spite of the fact that they were both drafted in the second round. This podcast is reliable for providing excellent interviews that involve former players as well. Due to the relationship that Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes have with others around the league, it is easier for both men to get former players on their show, and listeners will walk away with an enhanced viewpoint on the game.


The Bill Simmons Podcast


As far as basketball podcasts are concerned, the measuring stick is a podcast known as The Bill Simmons Podcast. This podcast is the longest-tenured basketball podcast in the genre, with Simmons being one of the best historians of basketball out there.