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We’ve all seen it: an airball on a wide-open shot. But fear not; hoop dreams are within reach! Here are some strategies to stop missing those open shots and become a more consistent scorer:

  • Perfect Your Form: Mastering proper shooting form is the foundation of consistent shooting.  Focus on hand placement, elbow position, a balanced follow-through, and proper arc on your shot. Repetition is critical – practice shooting drills daily, focusing on form over power.
  • Develop Muscle Memory: Muscle memory helps you execute your shot flawlessly, even under pressure. Perform shooting drills consistently, focusing on replicating the same perfect form each time. Repetition builds muscle memory, ensuring your shot becomes instinctive when it matters most.
  • Footwork Matters: Stable and balanced footwork provides a solid foundation for a smooth shot.  Master the proper footwork for catch-and-shoot situations and shots off the dribble. Practice drills that combine footwork with shooting, ensuring a seamless transition into your shot.
  • Mental Focus: Basketball is as much mental as it is physical. Stay focused and confident on the court. Visualise yourself sinking the shot before you even take it. Eliminate distractions and approach each shot with a positive mindset.
  • Practice Game Situations: Open shots in practice sometimes translate to open shots during a game. Incorporate game-like drills into your practice routine.  Practice shooting with defenders contesting, pressure situations, and fatigue to prepare yourself for the intensity of a real game.

Remember:  Becoming a consistent shooter takes time and dedication. Don’t get discouraged if you miss shots – analyse your mistakes, adjust your technique, and keep practising. With commitment and the right strategies, you’ll be draining those open shots in no time.