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As the owner and founder of New Wave Performance LLC, Sean LeBeauf runs an extensive series of drills for players of all skill levels. From ball handling, to shooting, to footwork, Sean covers all fundamentals of basketball in order to develop the best players, and help them reach their full potentials. For more, follow Sean LeBeauf on Twitter!

Post Work

Working on 3 different phases – rim run, down screen with duck-in, and elbow flash (attack off bounce).

Sean LeBeauf – Professional Overview

An overview on Sean LeBeauf and his professional and academic achievements.

Ball Screen in Transition

The ball handler comes off screen, cuts back, then rejects the re-screen when the defender cheats.

The Importance of Communication as a Basketball Coach

Sean LeBeauf details just how important and beneficial effective communication can be when coaching basketball.

Ball Handling Series

Through cones & hurdles, players work on keeping a wide base (short distance), with their chests up and snapping the ball.